Friday, February 21, 2014

Checking in from the Garden of the Undead

I just went through a confusing few minutes as I clicked on the little "next blog" thingy to see what you would see if you just landed on blogspot and started surfing.  I figured they'd be organized in some kind of chronological order so the next one would be whoever had posted right before or right after I had.

But they're all about gardening and, in many cases, children.

After leafing through about fifteen other blogs (which did have some nice gardening tips), I realized..."Oh.  Blogger links them up by subject matter."  Except that in this case the "garden" in question is really just a tribute to a long dead movie palace, so I guess they just scan the blog's title.  In which case, why didn't they link to other blogs about tea? or drama critics? or imperialism?  

I'm thinking of retitling this thing "Undead Monkey Fetuses on Alien Spacecraft" just to see who they try to hook me up with.

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