Monday, February 24, 2014

Hey, Poland!

Blogger is a lot more comprehensive than it was when I first started blogging...oh God, twelve years ago.  (If you'd like to read those ancient posts they're probably more interesting than this one. There's a link down at the bottom of the page somewhere.)  Back then you just sort of posted crap and people read it and that was it.

Now you can find all kind of interesting statistics about your blog--like who's reading it, which browser they use, where they are and their approximate shoe size. (Just kidding on the last one.)

I'm sort of excited that as of this morning I'd had 102 page views in the mere week the new and possibly improved blog has existed, which means that either the same two of you are looking at this thing a lot, or I'm actually getting some interest.  Weird.

The "where people are" is sort of interesting too. It really only tells you which country your visitors are in (though it apparently refuses to recognize the Confederacy, I'll live with it).  So far I've had a hundred page views from the US and two from Poland.  This is interesting because at present I don't think I know anyone in Poland and was assuming that my views were all from my friends who felt guilty because I posted stuff on facebook.  Which is probably still true, but at least someone else has blundered in here.

Dear Random Polish Reader: I apologize that this is a blog written entirely in English. I would say something in Polish,  but all of the Polish words I know are either names of foods, or something dirty.

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