Monday, March 17, 2014

Not Quite a Snow Day

Isn't rapid temperature change supposed to make things crack and fall apart? If that were really true there would be a giant fissure down the middle of Main Street right now, because this is the second time in two weeks that the temperature has dropped forty some degrees in the space of a few hours.  On Friday and Saturday I was happily zooming around in t-shirts.  Last night it started slaining (that's combined rain and sleet; I reserve the right to make up words as I go) and then that turned into snow (or maybe snain) and now it's just damp and cold (aka Winter In Richmond).  Everyone I know has some sort of weather-based illness and is generally cranky.

I am perfectly well aware that spring does not actually happen for a few more days, but seriously, Weather Gods? You need to stay away from the hallucinogens. I learned that many years ago when I did something I shouldn't have done and the columns on Broad Street Station formed a kickline. The last few weeks are concrete proof, Weather Gods, that you have done something similarly ill-advised.

The upshot of this day was that we had a two-hour delay at school.  I have a serious love-hate relationship with delay days.  I appreciate the extra sleep time, but since the automated thingy that calls to tell you about the delay invariably comes at about 5:30 AM, I end up being awake anyway.  Sure, I can go back to sleep, but let me tell you those are the fastest two hours in the history of, well, ever.  When you do get to school you discover that most of your students interpret "two hour delay" as "closed," so you can't really do too much.  And the weather is still crappy so you've slogged your way in only to more or less do nothing because you have four out of eighteen kids in class.

Still, it's better than bees.

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